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Necrogenous, truely we die alone

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and darkness covered the trees and the world screamed in blood

Necrogenous is and always will be, the creation of morbidity and depression. It is the sounds of that which has died and seen the rift of death and has transceneded it. Flown above such a meager force to bring back the sounds of the dead and the sounds of the living infused into somthing dark, poetic, morbid and beautiful. Necrogenous's creater is named that of Corpus Mortem who plays the instroments: Keyboard, guitar, drums, synth, bass, and vocals. This is not a band based on petty belifes of religeon(ex:satan) nor political idiology such as the whole NSBM. This is for the creation of morbidity not some random regular metal band who praises a satan who is just as fruedulant as god, the same goes with that of NSBM who is nothing more then ignorant of thier own racial backround. Some lyrics and art will be posted in spanish, others in englsh.


For contacting Corpus's email may be reached at: