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Necrogenous, truely we die alone

The story of that which came from death to life

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The corssing of the rifts of time and life

Fist a Definition:Necrogenous- An entitiy fromed or derived from an accumulative amount of dead corpses. Or an entity coming from a carcass that had once carried the burden of life assuming a form neither alive nor dead.

Trapped in a bag with no air to breath and thrown upon the bodies of those long diceased, yes this is where the creation begings. Dieing slowly as the breath of life faded from him and as hatred and anger pumped through his viens for the last time he began to scream. A scream which had never been uttered by a human being in all of history, it had embodied all that had pleagued him and tormented him in all of his existance, so much pain and anger was being projected it wasnt even a scream anymore but the manefistation of the two. Writhing with the bodys of those dieng also on top of him his scream had awoken somthing, it had awoken a force. Somthing unnatural to this world and as he closed his eyes for the last time and everything faded to black, it had consumed him his hatred, coldness, and morbid outlook on life tripled. With the streangth of all of those dead bodys he had awoken from death from life to the reality that had always been their untouched. With hatred again kindeled in his heart and depression always on his thoughts the creature that had been brought back was now had only the entent on perpetuating the ever so powerful fealings of death and its creeping hands on everylife on this planet.