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Necrogenous, truely we die alone

The official non-edited biography

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A autobiography of Necrogenous and Corpus

How it all began:

The way that Necrogenous came about, simply was a way for Corpus to release his inner rage and demons in one of the few ways that he could. He had been toying with the idea and fiddling with the guitar and keyboard for some time before the band had been formed, since january of 2005. But due to some support shown be a friend and fellow musician, auaurarthur from sloranyth, he began to create and form slow deppressive music which the original intent was just to have a keyboard and bass but was latter changed to just keyboard. after around a month a small, tiny, simple pre-demo was shown to only a few select people it consisted of five songs and was leangethed at around fifteen minutes long. With further encouragement to make a demo much more longer than that one Corpus again set out again, but due to certain technical situations the band had to be postponed for around 3 months . However during all this time new material was being devised and when it finally became possible to record and mix his music he again set out to make another cd with more music and more time. On sometime in january of 2006, "Desolant Morbidity", a preview of the new demo which is still currently being devised, was released again only to select few this time the new demo featured only 2 songs from the previous demo and spanned a leangth of 30 minutes. Look to other page for release date of the new demo, splits, or other such things going under the name of Necrogenous.